Some Methods of Maintaining the Wooden Bed

May 09,2022

Wooden bed should pay attention to maintenance, otherwise it is easy to deformation and mold after a long time. So, how to maintain a wooden bed? This blog will give you some reference.


What are the ways to maintain the wooden bed?


wooden bed


  1. avoid sharp objects directly bumped into the wooden bed or do not hit the bed with hard objects, cleaning is best not to use a broom directly sweep, which is easy to break the surface of the bed. And usually just use a soft cotton cloth or chicken feather duster to remove the dust.


  1. try not to have too low temperature and too high humidity in the bedroom, because the wooden bed will deteriorate easily after wet, and the usage time will be shortened.


  1. usually see the bed stains, do not directly sprinkle water to wash, apply a rag with water to slowly wipe, in addition, cleaning stains can also use alcohol, but do not use chemical solvents. After cleaning, wipe again with a dry cloth, after all the moisture has evaporated to lay the mattress.


  1. avoid direct sunlight on the wooden bed, if the wooden bed is direct sunlight for a long time, it is easy to crack. In the hot summer, it is best to pull the curtains or use transparent muslin to cover the windows. Compared to hanging curtains, the advantage of using muslin is not to affect indoor lighting.


  1. wooden bed to stay away from heat sources, especially in winter, if the bedroom with an electric oven, should let the bed and the distance between the electric oven to maintain more than one meter, otherwise the bed is too close to the electric oven, will be high temperature "injury", dry cracking, deformation of the situation.


  1. to regularly check the hardware connected to the wooden bed, such as found loose to be used in time to torque or change another hardware to stabilize.


  1. the wooden bed to stay away from the air conditioning, such as too close to the air conditioning, high humidity, it is easy to moisture expansion and deformation, long-term, and even mold. In addition, the humidifier should also be far away, because the humidifier may also let the wooden bed moisture deformation.


  1. usually lying on the bed, do not use the foot to kick the bed, which will easily lead to the deformation of the wooden board, affecting the beauty of the wooden bed, but also affect the use of the wooden bed time.


To sum up


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