The Best "Companion" for 1/3 of Life - The Bed

June 13,2022

People spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed, and the comfort of the bed directly affects our physical health and mental state. Therefore, choosing a good bed is crucial.




The "value" of a good quality bed


People need at least 8 hours of sleep in a day, the elderly, children, lazy people sleep longer than 8 hours, so it is worth taking 8 hours as the average time.


If there is no bed, life's 1/3 of the time have no place to go, and a good mahogany bed, so your 1/3 of the time more valuable.


Adequate sleep, a balanced diet and proper exercise are the three pillars of a healthy life. Sleep is not only necessary for the body to recover and grow, but also an important part of the brain to consolidate memory as well as relieve fatigue, and the human body will die if it does not sleep for up to five days.


Sleep deprivation can bring many physical and mental harm: thinking ability decreases, alertness and judgment weakened, immune dysfunction, endocrine imbalance, etc. Therefore, sleep well, in order to good health.


The "health value" of a good bed


Reasoning: Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about health and environmental protection, furniture as one of the main sources of indoor pollution, and the bed is one of the most closely related to the furniture, the bed of green environmental protection must be paid attention to.


The "emotional value" of a good bed


With the expansion of the living area, the family put more places to put the bed, "bed" and sleep can not necessarily say that the marriage is not good, but its destructive power is also greater than people think. Sharing a bed is obviously a necessary factor for people to manage their relationship and maintain their relationship.